Your First Visit

Upon entering our office, you’ll be asked to complete or review your medical health history. After returning the forms to the front desk, your information will be entered into our data system. At your first visit, you’ll be asked to sign indicating you have been informed of current Policies and Privacy Practices, as required by law. Next, you’ll be escorted to one of our comfortable dental areas for treatment.  We use up-to-date diagnostic equipment and software to offer you effective and efficient treatment.

At the end of your appointment you’ll be directed back to the front desk to receive information regarding the services provided and to electronically sign your medical history.  Patients with a cavity-free check-up are given the opportunity to sign the Wall of Fame!

Parents are expected to remain in the waiting area during their children’s appointments.  In order for the professionals to focus on our smaller patients and give them absolute attention, we bring parents to the treatment area to receive information after the child is finished with their appointment.  We have found this also helps minimize apprehension passed from adult to child due to dental fears or phobias.